Property Management


Property Management

Property Management

Maintain and capitalize on your property investments in India with Safeway Assist’s Property Management services, designed exclusively for Non-Resident Indians. Managing property from abroad can be cumbersome and fraught with challenges. Our comprehensive service suite ensures that every aspect of property management is handled with precision and care, from routine maintenance and rent collection to more complex legalities and property sales.

Whether you own residential or commercial properties, our expert team provides the support you need to ensure they are well-managed, profitable, and legally compliant. We offer a holistic approach, combining local market knowledge with professional expertise to optimize the value of your property assets while minimizing your hassles and maximizing your peace of mind.


Comprehensive Oversight:

From tenant management and lease administration to maintenance and repairs, we handle all aspects of property management.


Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

Ensure your property transactions comply with local laws, including registrations, tax filings, and legal disputes.


Regular Updates and Financial Reporting:

Receive detailed reports on the status and income of your property, keeping you informed and in control from afar.


Strategic Marketing and Tenant Placement:

We market your property effectively to find reliable tenants quickly, maximizing your rental income.


Personalized Service Plans:

Tailor our services to meet your specific needs, whether you need full-service management or specific support like property inspections.


Local Presence:

Our on-ground teams provide a direct presence, acting on your behalf in India to manage your property efficiently.

Safeway Assist’s Property Management service is your gateway to a stress-free travel experience, designed exclusively for the convenience of NRIs. By choosing us, you ensure that every segment of your airport journey is covered with professionalism and care.

Questions About Services


We conduct thorough background checks to ensure tenants are reliable and financially stable. Our team handles all leasing agreements, negotiations, and renewals to secure the best terms for you.

Our Airport Assistance service includes complete baggage handling support. This means that from the moment you step into the airport to the time you leave, our team will assist you with your luggage. We help with check-in, ensure that your bags meet the airline’s requirements, assist in collecting your luggage upon arrival, and deal with any baggage-related issues that might arise.

Yes, our property management service includes assistance with selling your property. We provide market analysis, property valuation, marketing services, and handle negotiations and legal paperwork to ensure a smooth sale.

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